A different kind of social media. Webdesignprojectlist.info is a marketplace for Web Developers. Projects are submitted by a hiring company to this website for review by their editorial staff and if it meets the guidelines the proposed projected is posted. A single web developer or even a web development company can respond and if the response meets the websites guidelines then Webdesignprojectlist.info will forward your offer to the hiring company for their review. If the hiring company decides to respond to the web developer and a transaction is made the two parties can communicate outside of the website how ever they wish.

There really is a marketplace for everything. This is a brilliant idea and a great place to get started as a web developer, but the project and the developer are reviewed by the website before the hiring company or developer ever get to meet. Luckily to respond to a proposed project one does not have that many restriction. Just don’t spam the system and you should be good and always provide an email. There is a little more to do when it comes to posting a project however. A project must pertain to web development, web design, graphic design or mobile app development. Not that it is much more of a hassle. On the website you can find categories such as DRUPAL, JOOMLA, php, ruby, web design and WordPress to search for projects 

Web Design Project List will update their featured projects weekly and only if the technology  is current and the hiring company is in “good standing”. The website is currently free and even has a chrome app for easy access to this market place. but before you go and start using this website or even a website like this one be sure to read the terms and condition. In this instance you can find it in the footer of the home webpage. It is important to know your IP rights before posting projects to any website.




Editey Makes publishing and hosting your website on Google Drive easy. Create, view, edit and publish files right on Google Drive. Your able to edit files in your local Google Drive folder with any editor of your choice and Editey will pick up your changes automatically. Editey has a whole family of chrome Apps including Website, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Page, XML, PHP, TypeScript and LESS. All changes you make to any document are saved automatically and you can take a peek at your revision history and see old version of the same file.

Scripting Languages.

What is a Scripting Language? A form of programming that is usually interpreted rather that compiled. Scripting languages can be used to create specialized GUIs (graphical user interfaces) and forms that enhance the convenience of search engines, Web-based e-mail and e-commerce. Many websites require that the user’s browser be set to run scripts to take advantage of all features of the site. In some cases, Websites are practically useless unless the user’s computer is set to run programs locally in a scripting language.

What is an Interpreted Program? a program whose instructions are actually a logically sequences series of operating system commands, handled one at a time by a command interpreter. The command interpreter requests services from the operating system. an interpreted program can not be as efficient as a compiled program, which has been processed by a language compiler. Interpreted programs are ideal for small tasks and for “glueing together” a succession of compiled programs that are run from the interpreted program.

What is a Compiled Program? A compiler is a special program that processes statements written in a particular programming language and turns them into machine language or “code” that a computer’s processor use.

JavaScript, perhaps the most publicized and well-known scripting language was initially developed by Netscape as LiveScript to allow more functionality and enhancement to web page authoring that raw HTML could not accommodate. A standard version of JavaScript was later developed to work in both Netscape and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Thus making the language to a large extent, universal. This means that JavaScript code can run on any platform that has a JavaScript interpreter. Uses some of the same ideas found in Java, the compiled object oriented programming derived from C++. JavaScript can be imbedded in HTML pages and interpreted by the Web browser (or client).

Perl (Practical Extraction and Report Language) This is popular string processing language for writing small scripts for system administrators and web site maintainers. Much web development is now done using Perl.A general-purpose programming language originally developed for text manipulation and now used for a wide range of tasks including system administration, web development, network programming, GUI development, and more. The language is intended to be practical rather than beautiful. Its major features are that it is easy to use, supports both procedural and object-orientated programming, has powerful built-in support for text processing, and have one of the world’s more impressive collections of third-party modules.

Hypertalk is another example. It is the underlying scripting language of Hypercard. A computer programming language designed in 1985 as “programming for the rest of us”. Using simple English-like syntax, Hypertalk enabled anyone to combine text, graphics, and audio quickly into “linked stacks” that could be navigated by clicking with a mouse on a standard buttons supplied by the program.

Lingo is the scripting language of Macromedia Director, an authoring system for develop high-performance multimedia content and application for CDs, DVDs and the Internet.

Applescript, is a scripting language for the Macintosh allows the user to send commands to the operating system to, for example open applications, carry out complex data operations.

Intel The Internet of Things


To start the wildfire that is the internet of things Intel will be incorporating this new technology in the upcoming Winter X Games. Tiny button sized Curie Chips will be placed on snow board and can provide in-depth performance data such as in-air rotations, jump height and even distance traveled. But intel has a lot more planned for its Curie Chip included fitness tracking and even upcoming musical performances. They are even making a robot using its small Atom Curie Chip and a Segway. The robot will voice controlled as well follow you when your not riding it and is equipped with arms.

Project Fi

Project Fi is a wireless service currently available for the Nexus 5x and 6P. Google has partnered with Sprint and T-mobile to provide a unique service that will allow the user to access these two networks. With the ability to switch between Sprint and T-mobile you will always have access to a reliable service.




Udemy is an online market place for online education. Prices range from $300 dollars to free. All course are reviewed by other students and can help you decide if a course is worth the money or not. This is also an iOS and Android app available which offers its own unique discounts that may not be shown on the web page. Subscribing to Udemy can provide weekly deals ranging from $10-$20. You can find facebook groups for discounts or even reach out to instructors for deals.


Udemy also offers a way for you to share your knowledge and become an instructor and make money. They even offer free courses on how to make courses for Udemy.


visit retailmenot.com search udemy and find even more discounts and freebies

Googles Plans for a Free Internet

We’re on the brink of a historic period for cities around the world. By 2050, the population in cities will double, intensifying existing socioeconomic, public health and environmental problems. At the same time, innovations in technology can be used to design communities that are more efficient, responsive and resilient.

Google Fiber, while only available in a few cities across the United States Google fiber offers  different plans ranging from a free basic internet service running at 5 Mbps to a paid service offering 1,000 Mbps and a TV package.

Googles Startup Company Sidewalk Labs aims transform big cities and blanket them with free wifi, Starting with New York. Sidewalk Labs plans to use old phone booths to provide cell phone charging, free domestic phone calls, and a touchscreen for finding city info, transit directions, and other such services.

Google Fiber and Indian railway are partnering to bring free wifi to 500 railway stations.